What We Do

Web Development

With our team based in Singapore, we are focused on developing customized web
applications and sites with agile processes to ensure successful implementation of Web Development2
your business strategies.
Upon understanding your business objectives, concepts and thoughts, our emphasis
is to innovate, design and develop a great product for your needs.

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Mobile Application



Usage of mobile apps has become increasingly prevalent across mobile phone users.
Statistics indicates that most smartphone owners “almost always” have their mobile device nearby
and ever turn their devices off, making mobile the connected consumer’s constant companion.

The effects of mobile on consumer behavior and the entire industries are profound.
♣ Consumers are shifting their attention from the internet and devoting more time to mobile apps.
♣ The time spent on mobile apps is rapidly approaching the time devoted to TV.
♣ Mobile is reshaping how consumers interact with local businesses and brands
♣ Consumers are increasingly accessing and reading reviews on mobile before finalizing their plans.
♣ The effects of mobile are also being felt sharply in shopping and retail.
♣ With devices and apps in hand, consumers are using mobile devices for everything from making lists to
comparing prices, checking hours and availability, and, of course, sharing comments and photos of their
favorite (and not-so-favorite) experiences.

Conclusively, mobile devices are becoming the “remote control in individuals’ lives,” especially as they
shop for products and services and interact with businesses. Frustrated by their experience, many consumers
are dissatisfied with the shopping experience as a whole, especially in brick and mortar stores. With GPS,
cameras, and other sensors extending their capabilities, mobile devices are becoming increasingly important,
even indispensable, to consumers as they shop in stores and online. Mobile application offers a useful medium
for reaching customers, especially those on the go.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

The “IP” in IP phone system refers to Voice over IP, or having your phone calls routed over the internet or your local network (LAN). This is great for
many reasons. First of all, you don’t have to use the telephone network of your telephony service provider for making calls, which will reduce your
costs for phone calls. At the same time you are gaining many technical advantages by using IP technology for your telephony.

Users of an VoIP phone system simply plug their IP phone into the nearest LAN port. Then, the IP phone registers automatically at the VoIP phone
system. The IP phone always keeps its number, and behaves exactly the same way, no matter where you plug it in – on your desk, in the office next
door or on a tropical island.

All of this works because of the SIP protocol. It is a standard widely used by ISPs, VoIP VOIP2
phone systems and VoIP phones world-wide. It makes expensive proprietary phones
obsolete, and helps that all devices can talk to each other.

IP phone systems are usually built on standard PC or embedded hardware which are more
cost-effective and powerful than the hardware of the traditional phone manufacturers. At
the same time, ip phone systems are scalable, as they are not limited to a certain number
of physical phone ports. That means you don’t need to replace your phone system when
your company grows.